M.A.I Organics

M.A.I Organics originates from love. Selecting the garden and selecting the way to grow seeds means selecting our own path. That path is full of loves. Love of the nature, love of our lives and love of our customers as well. Selling vegetables is not only for earning money but also spreading loves, humanistic thought, and developing new business philosophy.

M.A.I Organics was conceived from the love of agriculture and the nature. Farmers love plants and the nature. Selling clean products is truly selling the gardeners’ sweat and tears. Customers realize and appreciate the value of the products they are using.

In M.A.I Organics, each person plays an important role in the ecosystem from the farm to the store. Gardeners are not only good at biology but also good at management and production organization. Sellers are well-informed about the market, expert in products, and knowledgeable about nutrition and health as well. M.A.I Organic’s final destination is: Lowest cost; highest quality; improved and diversified products.

Why choose M.A.I Organics?

Quality guaranteered

We ensure that our agricultural products are always in fresh and clean conditions from farm to customers.

Good for health

For community health and a healthier new generation, we give prominence to the quality of agricultural products. We are committed to 100% clean and safe products without residues of pesticides, nitrate, and antibiotics.

Superior nourishment

Maintaining the essence of food, by choosing MAI Organics you will not only feel fresh, but also enjoy all the nutrients.

Cost savings

We always improve and apply scientific advances to the farming process to maximize productivity, minimize production costs, so our prices are always competitive and optimum.

Environmental protection

We only use natural compounds in farming, neither synthetic nor harmful chemicals, no herbicides.


Hoang Thanh Mai

Master in Agricultural Economics
More than 20 years experience in Agricaltural and Community project development.

Nguyen Dang Quynh Anh

Strategic and Operation Expertise
More than 20 years experience in Corporate Stragety, Operations, Business Development and Marketing.


Tra My


"Vegetables and pork at Mai Organic are very fresh and hygienic"

Tinh Hoang


"Clean and delicious products. Absolute safety. The price is very cheap. 100% trust."

Thai Thu


"Clean vegetables are too safe and delicious ah. Thank you Mai Organic for letting my family eat clean vegetables and safe food."

Cam Mien


"Vote 5 stars, everything bought at Mai is fresh, delicious, and naturally sweet. Preserved for a long time, because there are no chemicals."

Anna Tran


"Come to Mai Organics for a safe meal. Guaranteed 100% clean."

Doan Trang


"What comes from the mind will reach the mind. Thank you Mai Organics for keeping the product clean despite all the hard work."

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